From finance to Fulbourn

On International Nurses Day, meet CPFT's Julia Ferris who left banking for a career in mental health

From finance to Fulbourn
12 May 2014

To mark International Nurses Day, here's a 60-second question and answer session with CPFT's Julia Ferris, community psychiatric nurse and non-medical prescribing lead

How did you start in nursing?
Having worked in a bank for five years, I changed careers. I volunteered in a nursing home and then started my mental health nurse training in London.

What makes a good nurse?
Someone who’s focus is the patient and wants to give and support them in receiving the best possible care.

First day?
It was at George MacKenzie House at Fulbourn Hospital, Cambridge, in December 1994. It was a brand new building and for the first month we did staff development and team building before our first patients arrived. Towards the end of that time, I can still remember the anticipation of waiting to meet the first service-users and welcoming them onto the ward

What is the future of nursing?
I see a wonderful future for nursing as long as we remain service user focussed and develop our skills to enhance and develop the service we provide

Anything else we need to know about you?
I’m a Fulham fan for my sins. We might just have been relgated from the Premier League, but I’ll continue to support them.

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