Top ten ranking and two gold stars for Trust’s commitment to carers

Top ten ranking and two gold stars for Trust’s commitment to carers
15 December 2016

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) has been recognised as one of the top ten community NHS Trusts in England for supporting carers, after being awarded two gold stars by a national scheme. 

The Trust signed up to the Triangle of Care last year, which was set up by the Carers Trust and the National Mental Health Development Unit to strengthen the involvement of carers and families in care planning, treatment and support.

Since then it has carried out a detailed self-assessment and developed action plans to demonstrate how it is involving and supporting carers, as well as promoting the important role they play and further improving services for carers.

Trusts who join the membership scheme and complete the appropriate stages for their organisation receive an award to recognise their commitment. For mental health Trusts this is up to two stars and for Trusts like CPFT that are integrated there is a third star. CPFT is currently one of just ten NHS Trusts with two stars.

CPFT has received the first for completing stage one, which means it has self-assessed its mental health inpatient and crisis teams, and then committing to improve. The second is for completing
self-assessments for its community mental health services, such as learning disability, older people and dementia and substance misuse.

Next year the older people’s and adult community services in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire provided by CPFT will be incorporated into the scheme, when it is hoped the organisation will be among the first community NHS Trusts to be awarded a third gold star.

During 2016 a carers' charter, policy and strategy have been developed by the Trust to set out what carers can expect from staff and services. A conference was also organised with the Carers Trust during National Carers Week, to celebrate the valued work of carers and the organisations that support them, including a keynote speech from Dr Jane Hawking, former wife of Professor Stephen Hawking.

Aidan Thomas, Chief Executive, said: “Census figures in 2011 show that more than 60,000 people in Cambridgeshire and more than 17,000 people in Peterborough reported they were providing some level of unpaid care.

“We know that carers we come into contact with are often essential partners in support and recovery and we are able to offer support to them, which is why the progress we’ve made since we joined the scheme is so important.”

Ruth Hannan, Policy and Development Manager, from the Triangle of Care, said: “The scheme offers key principles and resources to improve the links between the professional, carer and service user. There is strong evidence that this approach strengthens the quality of care, has a positive impact on recovery, and improves the well-being of the carer. Congratulations go to CPFT for not only receiving two gold stars, but for completing stage one and stage two at the same time, which is quite an endeavour.” 

About Triangle of Care

The Triangle of Care is based on six principles (standards) that Trust’s can use to include and support carers. These range from identifying and assessing carers and their needs, offering carers a range of support, information and advice both for them and the person they care for to training staff in carer engagement.

The scheme operates at three stages; membership, membership with one star and two star membership when the organisation has completed a full self-assessment of all its services.
Self-assessments are peer reviewed.  

For more information please contact:

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