Common questions

Is there are minimum sponsorship?

No. Every penny your raise makes a difference so we just ask that you raise what you can with your challenge. Set up your online fundraising page and start making those steps count.

How does the team two million steps challenge work?

The team two million steps challenge is for teams of five members. Each team needs to reach a target of two million steps between them - that's two million steps in total not per team member. As with the other challenges you can do this by walking alone or go "off piste" to get your steps in by the physical activity you chose, then convert the distance into steps.

Registration is £25.00 per team of five.

If you want to take part in the challenge, register online and make sure to include the full names of all the team members when asked during the registration process. Remember that it's easier to set up one online fundraising page per team, rather than one for each team member. 

If you want to be included on the leaderboards, so see how your team is is doing against the others, then you need to email the Charity every Friday in November before midday with your team total (in steps and distance) for the previous week, starting from Friday 3 November (this won't be a full week).

Can I register for the group challenge with a team of less than five members?

You can take part with less than five members but each of you will need to do more steps so make sure you're confident with the challenge. To register, please contact the Charity.

Why don't I appear on the leaderboards?

If you want to be included on the leaderboards - both as an individual and a team - you need to email the Charity every Friday in September before midday with your individual step total for the previous week, starting from Friday 7 September. This year, teams won't have to collate their totals before submitting them (unless they want to!) and so individual team members are responsible for emailing in their step totals before the deadline. We will then update the leaderboards before 4pm that Friday so you can see how you're doing. Deadlines for submitting your totals are:

Friday 7 September, 12 noon
Friday 14 September, 12 noon - Please note: these results won't be published until Sunday 16 September before 4pm
Friday 21 September, 12 noon
Friday 28 September, 12 noon
Friday 5 October, 12 noon

Each leaderboard will be updated before 4pm on each of these days. Please try and submit your totals well before the midday deadline, if possible. If we don't receive your totals before the deadline, we won't update your published total until the following week. For teams, all individuals are responsible for submitting their step totals this year and so please remember to do, otherwise your team's total will be missing your contribution that week.

How do I track my steps?

Use your step tracking device - e.g. FitBit - to automatically keep a track of your steps each day.

If you prefer not to wear a device or don't have one,  you can get a number of free apps on your phone to count your steps.  Accupedo Pedometer or StepOn Step Tracker are both free apps that you can use to log your steps and set a step count for the day to make sure you meet your goal. iPhone and Android users can also use their Health app.

Active 10 app

There is also a really hand app fro Public Health England called Active 10 which tracks your walking and gives you tips on how to increase your pace to improve your health. All based around brisk 10 ten minutes walks and their benefits. Find out more via their website: 

How do I manage to get all those steps in each day?

Plenty of ways. See it as distance if that helps. Any activity. Walk or cycle to work. Take the family out on a walk. Organise a group run around with colleagues, so you all get your steps in. Here are a few suggestions to get you moving.

What if I don't hit my step target for the day?

Don't worry, you have the whole of September to complete the challenge so just make up the steps another day. Sometimes it can be difficult to hit your target during the working week, so make the most of the weekend to get you back on track.

 What is the "off piste" option? How can I cycle or swim steps?
Taking on your step challenge "off piste" allows you to get your steps in by any physical activity you prefer, rather than just walking your steps. As long as it's a physical activity that gets your heart pumping and covers a distance, you can convert that distance into steps.

1 mile = 2,000 steps (based on a person of average height). So just swap your steps for distance:

5,000 steps = 2.5 miles
10,000 steps = 5 miles
20,000 = 10 miles
1,000,000 = 500 miles (as a team of five people, so 100 miles each)

How far will I be walking this September?

2,000 steps = 1 mile (based on a person of average height). Over the 30 days of September you will cover:

5,000 step challenge - 150,000 steps = 75 miles
10,000 step challenge - 300,000 steps = 150 miles
20,000 step challenge - 600,000 steps = 300 miles 
2,000,000 step challenge - 2,000,000 = 1000 miles (as a team of five people, so 200 miles each)

Not enough of a challenge?

We've chosen three different step challenges to try and make sure their is a challenging distance for everyone. Making sure you reach your steps target EVERY day also challenges your will power and determination. However, if we haven't got a challenge for you, just set you own and tell us why. We would love to know your story. Every extra step sponsored is another patient, service user, family member or carer that you are supporting at a time when they need it most.

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