Ways to easily increase your step count

At home

  • Advert stepping - while watching TV, stand and march on the spot during the adverts or maybe take a lap around the living room.
  • Don't be so efficient (!) - if you're unloading the dishwasher, putting laundry away or bringing in the shopping do it one item or bag at a time to increase your step count.
  • Walk it, don't drive - are there journeys that you are currently driving that you could walk? Is the corner shop really that far?
  • Evening out? - save yourself the taxi fare and walk home.
  • Give the dog a month of extra walks - both of you will feel the benefit.
  • Family day out - have a walk in the beautiful autumn air, maybe get some lunch and make a day of it.

At work

  • Ditch the lift - always take the stairs and see that step count rise
  • In your breaks at work, get up and walk around - it's always important to take a break during the working day but make the most of it by taking a quick walk (even it it's just to the kitchen for a cuppa) and use your lunch time to get in a half hour walk or run. Why not get a group of you together? Especially if you're all doing Steptacular!
  • Use your commute - get off the bus or train at an earlier stop and walk the rest of your journey, or maybe start cycling to work for the month - it might become a regular thing.
  • Change your office routine - try using a different kitchen at work, set the photocopier upstairs as your default or use the bathroom at the other side of the building to get those steps in.
  • Utilise the furthest car park at work - park as far away from the entrance so that you get a short walk to the office.
  • Walk and talk - instead of meeting in a stuffy office, have a walking meeting instead. The fresh air and exercise will wake you up and improve your productivity.
  • Pace whilst you talk on the phone - if you have a phone call, get up and move around.
  • Walk to meetings - change that five minute drive for a brisk walk


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